Why Being Directly Rejected Is A Good Thing

“…most of the time when we like someone, we go through the mental torture of wishing and hoping and wondering if they like us too.” And I totally agree with that.

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Rejection sucks. It’s not as bad as being heartbroken from a relationship, but it is one of those experiences I often wish there was a special place in hell for. Rejection is like being the kid who isn’t picked on either kickball team during recess. Have you ever gotten an ulcer or stomach ache or indigestion after eating the wrong thing or eating too much? It’s sort of like that. Except that the ache is your ego being bruised. One of my friends once described rejection as being as painful as “being laughed at by a thousand people.” Or something like that.

Most of the time, I never know what to say to people when they get rejected. When I’ve been rejected in the past, it’s often been a good time to make an appearance at Dunkin’ Donuts. And there is a high correlation between the number of donuts I…

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You Should Fall For Someone Who Doesn’t Love You

Relatable. 🙂

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It occurred to me the other day that there might be people in this world who have never known unrequited love, have never fallen for someone who didn’t fall too.

I know it’s rarer than a solar eclipse, but it seems likely that some have managed it; people who married their high school sweetheart, who got it right on the first try, who were seemingly born with enough innate confidence to walk right up to the object of their affection and say, “I think you’re great, would you like to go on a date sometime” and whose confidence was rewarded with a resolute, “Absolutely, I’d love to” and a Happily Ever After. The rest of us would be inclined to murder a couple like this if we ever came across them, but I maintain that they are the ones who are missing out. Everyone should fall for someone who doesn’t…

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To That Person I Fell In Love With When the Timing Was Just Not Right

I’m so speechless

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First of all, let it be known here and now that I did love you. I was only ever cold to you that one time because I cared too much. I didn’t know how I was supposed to act when you heightened such a keen sense of passion in me. I could never think normally when I was around you. Some say that infatuation is different from love but what I felt for you bordered in between. I loved you despite your faults but I also crushed on you like you were the best thing since coffee. You woke me up. You did wake me up.

I was raised by vintage Harlequin books that I used to secretly read when my parents weren’t around. I used to believe that love was breath-taking, consuming and potent – it was all these things and more. Love has the ability to break you…

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The Past Is The Past So Why Can’t You Move On?

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You go back to your high school and you suddenly see a very familiar face; you’ve memorized the lines on his face, his dimples, especially his smile. It’s warm but deceiving as usual. The truth is he cheated on you. Did he? Maybe not because it never became you and him anyway. But you see him, and the memories come back. Why so bitter? They say that past is past.

People say that ex-lovers never really forget each other. Others say that two people, after being in love, can remain friends either because they are still in love with each other or they never really were in the first place. But if you can’t stay as friends, I guess it’s either bitterness, or indifference.

If you were asked to choose between the two: bitterness or indifference, perhaps you would choose the latter. Normally you would. Nobody wants to feel stressed…

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It was only just a dream

They say that when you dreamt of someone,

that person misses you.

I dreamt of you last night.

Does that mean you miss me too?


How come that saying is a fact?

When you don’t even know that I exist.

Maybe you know but you didn’t mind.

And that’s what I hate a lot.


Dreams. Oh dreams. My dreams.

The only place where I can own you.

Everything in that becomes paradise.

You and me just exist in dreams.



I have written that last year. November 17 to be exact, when I was waiting in line for the book signing of my idol. In that book he wrote, there is a free notebook. To entertain myself while waiting patiently for my turn, I wrote something that inspired me from the book he wrote. And what I wrote above is what I first wrote in that notebook. Too bad I failed to share it to my idol when I was already in front of him. (actually, I panicked LOL) But I think, it’s just okay. At least I can still share it to you, right? 🙂

That moment with that feeling

It is so hard to love someone who only sees me as a friend. I am waiting for someone who is not even aware that I’m waiting for him. I’ve thinking of him a lot and yet I don’t know if I ever cross his mind. Loving someone who doesn’t love you back can really crush someone’s heart into pieces. That is why when I know that I will be in love, I take time to prepare my heart for every feeling or emotions that I may encounter. And of course, this is reality. I should accept the rejection. At least I know in myself that I know how to love.


This is what I wrote when our professor gave us an activity wherein we need to write anything we want for a very short period of time.

The other side

“Guess it turns out I fell in love with him a long time ago, right after we first met, and that up until now I’ve just been avoiding admitting that simple fact.”

The line is from the Manga “Prunus Girl