My inner underwears

How magical love is for people who have mutual feelings for one another yet sometimes, how playful also love can be when it makes you feel how painful this relationship might end. Ladies and gentlemen, this is my speech about one-sided affair.

I find it hard to forget someone who gave me so much to remember. The guy who makes butterflies fly in my stomach is the guy who gave me an assurance that this so-called “more than friends” relationship will bloom into something seriously fun and wonderful.

I solemnly believed in my panty, for I know that it will keep beating for him. My panty knows that I love him. For every time I feel special, it keeps pumping very very fast. My panty is the one responsible for my emotions. I let my panty take charge of hoping, expecting and assuming that the time will come that he and I will be both happy together. With my panty, I did try to love him as a friend but I didn’t expect that my love will go further than that.

My panty demands for forever while on the other hand, my brief only wants is a chance. I believe in my brief because it is the one in-charge of logical thinking and reasoning. It is the one responsible for guarding my panty. I can say that my brief is the objective one while my panty is the subjective type.

I also believed in my brief the moment my panty was abused by such demands of mine. For the moment when a misunderstanding arises, my egoistic brief protects myself from such pain that might come.

I admit that when it comes to love, I don’t know what to use and when to use it. Is it my panty that created an ideal guy out of him? Or is it my brief that only wants to feel being loved back? But whatever it is, one thing is for sure. And that is I cannot lose something or someone I never had at the first place.



Once again, I presented this in our Speech Class. Our professor said we should be wearing both a panty and a brief. Panty for femininity while Brief for masculinity. We should be able to use these under-wears as a metaphor in our life. And of course, I got to apply them in the field of love, well one-sided love to be exact. Though I said earlier the representations of these under-wears, I tried to play the content of my above speech. Hence I somehow interchange the qualities of the panty and brief. I represented the panty as an emotional egoistic heart; while the brief as a logical sympathetic brain. And in the end, I think I was able to share the uneasiness of a one-sided affair since I got a high score. Yey! LOL.


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