7 Jobs You Will Have In Your 20s (And What You Will Learn From Each One)

Preparing myself for this mean business world jobs after graduating in college. Ohhh.

Thought Catalog

1. The degrading job.

Whether you are slinging burgers, managing a cash register, or making lattés for a never-ending stream of office workers who don’t care how early it is, they’re going to yell their order at you and you have to go through it. You have to work at the kind of job that teaches you just how deeply ingrained the concept of social castes is in some people. You have to depend on tips, or the whims of customers, and take all the wrath that should rightfully be directed at your manager (who is somehow never there).

What you learn: What it feels like to be the nobody that everyone takes out their irrational rage on, and how good it feels when someone finally treats you like a human being in that position. (And this will ensure that you will never be that mean customer yourself, because you…

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